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Nancy Koptur:




Birthday: 23. March 1958

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Our common goal is to advocate for equal shared parenting of all children of divorce, fair and equal treatment of custodial and non-custodial parent, and to ensure rights of all members of families are protected.

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Are you involved in a Custoday Dispute or Dealing with a heavy hand from Washington's revenue generating Division of Child Support - read their policy manual at Washington Shared Parenting Resources

Involved with false allegations of Domestic Violence, or being abused by one of Washington Domestic Violence Perpetrator classes - visit the Washington Domestic Violence Press and get involved in ending the abusive DV industry policies and practices. Help us end false allegation of Domestic Violence that destroys families needlessly.

Know a non-custodial parent? Please tell them about us and ask that they get involved in efforts to bring change in Washington State Family Laws.